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Meals are carefully prepared by our catering staff. Meals are as interesting and varied as possible. Residents are offered choices each day and special diets including vegetarian are catered for. Choices are available at all meal times. The day usually begins with an early morning cup of tea/coffee followed by English or Continental breakfast, midmorning tea/coffee and biscuits, 2 course lunch, mid afternoon tea/coffee with fruit or cakes, 2 course supper evening meal and night time drinks and snacks.

All meals, snacks, supplements and drinks are provided within the fees for service. Special diets are catered for and advice of a dietician is sought where necessary. Limited quantities of alcohol are offered at special occasions.

Medical Care
Staff are always on duty to plan and supervise Residents’ care, ensuring the highest standards at all times. GP’s, Community nurses and primary care team staff will visit residential care Residents as appropriate. Residents may, of course retain their own Doctor if practical.

Optician and Dentist
Arrangements for home visits are made as appropriate, although Residents are free to make appointments outside if preferred.

This can be arranged as necessary.

A private chiropodist visits the Home every 6-8 weeks charged for separately, although Residents are free to make appointments outside if preferred.

This service is provided weekly at an additional charge, although Residents are free to make appointments outside if preferred.

Personal Telephones
Residents have access to a public phone located in the hall.
The telephone number is: 01462-459954

Most rooms have phone points. Residents are able to avail themselves of a private direct dial telephone in their rooms if they wish. All costs for this are met by the Resident.

Residents personal mobile phones are acceptable within the Home

Where appropriate we encourage Residents to go shopping on their own or with relatives. Where this is difficult staff can assist Residents by purchasing goods on their behalf or arranging a shopping trip.

Our laundry is located in the cellar. Laundry is undertaken within the Home within the normal fees for service. All personal clothing should be labelled prior to admission. Whilst every care is taken with Residents’ clothes it is regretted that responsibility cannot be taken for clothes lost or damaged. Management will however look at any cases of loss or damage to Residents’ clothes.

Dry Cleaning
This can be provided at cost plus a service charge.

Kitchen Facilities
The Kitchen is located on the ground floor, all meals are cooked on site. Our kitchen facilities meet standards laid down by the Environmental Health Department. These facilities are not accessible to Residents owing to Health & Safety and Food Hygiene Regulations. Residents can avail themselves of drinks and snacks by requesting these from care staff. The menu is displayed daily in the main entrance to the dining room.

Resident’s property
The Home will not accept any liability whatsoever for loss of or damage to any money or other valuable property kept (or said to be kept) by the resident in or about the Home unless such money or property shall have been:

1. Identified to the Home in writing with a current written valuation
2. Deposited with the owner/manager for safekeeping

Provided that in the case of money, liability will not be accepted unless the money is deposited with the Home for safekeeping. In the case of all other property the Home’s liability in respect of any item shall not exceed £100. For items above £100 the individual resident is solely responsible for a separate insurance policy to cover the risk.

A lockable cabinet is supplied in your room to store your smaller valuables.

The Home also has a safe where Residents’ smaller valuables can be safeguarded.

Gifts and Signing Legal Documents
The Home’s employees or staff are not permitted to directly accept any gifts and /or presents from Residents or to sign as a witness any legal document that pertains to one of the Residents in the Home.

Arrangements for Pets
Pets are not normally permitted at Westbourne Care Home.